Online Task Manager


Digital marketing fulfillment dashboard for your business!

Projects. Workflows. Progress. Transparency for you and your BTLMG marketing team. Grow your business by managing all of your digital marketing tasks, including social media and review management services, all within one scaleable dashboard. We make it easy to stay on top and see our daily progress on your marketing expenditures. Gone are the days of not knowing what is going on with your marketing team!



White-label client dashboard and agency reporting for business-to-business sales

Prescriptive task management

Task Manager automatically pulls in tasks for your BTLMG fulfillment team, ensuring that your digital marketing services are delivered on time. Whether you’re fulfilling large-scale projects, daily social posts, or claiming online listings, the prescriptive nature of Task Manager keeps your BTLMG fulfillment team agile and focused on managing the workflow of your marketing investments.





Business-to-business store and portal

Project management for any workflow

Manage large projects and organize a group of tasks for your business. Whether you’re redesigning a website, kick-starting a digital ads campaign, or crafting a month’s worth of social posts, Task Manager is the best tool for your BTLMG team’s project management needs.







White-label client dashboard and agency reporting for business-to-business sales

Automated Reporting

Prove value to your clients by showing them all of the great work your team has been performing. The Task Report is automatically generated and emailed, and shows you an overview of completed tasks, and work that’s pending. Show how many social posts have been scheduled, how many reviews have been responded to, and how many listings have been claimed.

Task Manager keeps track of all the essential tasks your team has performed and propagates information into the automated Task Report.





How Task Manager project management software
can work for your company
and BTLMG fulfillment team…



Step 1: Onboard

You chat with a project manager to determine your needs and expectations of the full-service experience. We obtain credentials to online listing sites, social channels, etc. to ensure your BTLMG fulfillment team never misses a thing.





Step 2: Fulfill

Your team of BTLMG marketing specialists carry out monthly tasks, including claiming and correcting online listings, posting content to social channels, monitoring and replying to online reviews and more!





Step 3: Report

Detailed performance reports are automatically generated and emailed to youu at the end of every month showing work that’s been completed and any pending tasks.








Why is the BTLMG Online Task Manager FREE?
We believe that your investment in digital marketing should be transparent and easy to manage. Too many times companies spend money with marketing “professionals” that gets lost or services are never delivered. With our Online Task Manager you will see the work being done each and every dday to make your business a success!

What do I need to provide to use Task Manager?
We need to company emails of the individuals that we be using or receiving reports from the system to bring up active and secure accounts. You will receive all login instructions via email.

Will the Task Manager ever change in price?
No. It is FREE and it is our gift to you for choosing to work with us.

Why is Task Manager needed with some other BTLMG digital marketing products?
To better serve you and the work that you have invested in we always combine Task Manager with any digital marketing that we sell. This way you can contribute to and see the work the work that is being done. Complete task management and transparency.





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