Online Reputation Building.

You can become all that you have ever dreamt of becoming in an incredibly short time.

Using positive articles and stories, various avenues of social media, and almost every other available spoke on the marketing wheel,

We create for you a presence on the internet that makes you appear as a formidable force for your specific market.

Online reputation management is in its simplest form when there is no online reputation. For those who simply have not been active online, or those who have never considered harnessing the power of the web to create a formidable and credible force of positive buzz all about you, be it an individual within or without a company, a product, a service, a company, an entity etc., this is the starting grid of the Reputation Grand Prix.

Online Reputation Repair.

Through a planned approach, using three distinctive methods, we can change the overall outlook online.

For online reputation management clients for whom there is already a strong presence of unsavoury or negative search engine results, we offer a repair service. This is the king of our services. Many who come to us for this particular service are already in a desperate place and had resigned themselves that any online search of their brand, company name or individual name would unleash the wrath of Satan in the search engine results pages.

This is without doubt our service, for which we are most loved and adored by our clients.

Online reputation management for those who thought it was all over. It’s never over until the lady in the size 18 dress starts making melody!

Do not however think that this is a 100% fix or a quick fix. It depends entirely upon the weight of the negativity.

Look at it simply as a good old fashioned grocer’s balance scale. If there is 3kg of powerful bad press on one side of the balance, we need 3kg of top quality good stuff on the other side just to maintain equilibrium. To then get ahead of the game; to make the online reputation stack in the positive slant; to appear the way you would want, simply requires more of everything to tilt it in your favour. The most important point to recognize is that it can be done.

All is far from lost – you do not need to change your identity or change your name.

Shred those deed poll application forms. Help is at hand.

More about BTLMG.

We are a marketing company with decades of experience in the front lines of increasing sales opportunities. Our experience led us to form our own unique online service which we have provided to our clients since 2002.

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So what can we do for you? Tell us in strictest confidence.

We will discuss your online reputation issues and provide you with complete analysis and feedback within 24 hours, of what can be done to improve your situation as quickly as possible. Contact Us today.

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