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At BTLMG we see beyond what is just floating on the surface…

“What we see of an iceberg is only about 10% of its entirety, with the majority of the mass hidden beneath the surface of the water.” — The same takes place in many businesses. They only show their potential customers the tip of who they are and what they have to offer.

We excel in flipping your business “iceberg” by creating powerful digital marketing content and reputation management to cause a tsunami of positive returns.

“Flip and turn” your brand image and digital marketing today!


Innovative Digital Services

BTLMG’s team of reputation and digital marketing experts will provide you with the marketing strategy that you need to grow your presence in the competitive online world. We will help you expand your brand through social marketing, reputation management, web design and much more! With our help your business will be seen and heard in the most effective way.

Personal Reputation

What do people see when they Google you? What do employers, investors, partners, and friends find out about you? Take control and don´t let web chatter speak for you.

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Business Reputation

Get a FREE Reputation Expert Consultation.

Talk to one of our Reputation Experts with complete confidentiality. Get the reports and recommendations based on a package you’ve chosen.

Sales Reputation

Whatever your industry, people are saying things about you. Is it all positive?

Are you taking steps to be pro-active and protect yourself from negative reviews and comments?

We use Research, Technology and Skilled Experts to initiate growth, increase revenue and build strong brands

Marketing Automation Technology • Advanced Marketing Apps • Digital Marketing Platform
Competitive Research & Analysis • Aggressive Strategy • Detailed ROI Data & Reporting

Digital Marketing

We offer a full range of digital marketing services that can revamp your web site, update your brand, improve your emailers, or ever your traditional physical marketing items.

Our designers are top notch and bespoke. Everything we do is personal and done to satisfaction.

Brand Identity

Starting a new business or personal brand? Need something that stands out and hold up with the test of time? We have the solution with our bespoke brand identity service.

Style guides, logo creation, font analysis, packaging, store fronts, etc…

Lead Generation

Email campaigns, PPC and FB ads, social influencers, SMS messaging, traditional post cards, cold calling?  These are just some of the ways that we can generate leads for your endeavours.

Put two decades of marketing experience to work for you today!

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Change the course of your business!


We flip “icebergs” everyday

We have learned over the years that listening and presenting are the two best attributes that a digital marketer, SEO writer, technical programmer, or graphic designer can have. That is why we have taken the time to make all our products transparent and effective for our customers. Your positive feedback is our only goal!

  • I have been working with Brian and his team over the past year and I really enjoy the creativity that they bring. I have tried all different kinds of channels and found that social media has helped my business in a large way. Great working with you guys.

    Michelle Harris MH Legal Services
  • I’ve tried using different softwares and marketing platforms. The computer is not my strong side. There is excellent support behind BTLMG Marketing Paltform and SnapShots and people to walk you through it. If you have any questions, they’ll go over that and explain to you how to do that.

    Luis Carmona Elegant Script and Printing
  • It was the best deal we found after having looked at other a dozen alternatives. We hardly use half of what it advertises it can do, but all we needed was a Digital Marketing platform for our use as a security systems integrator and MSP provider. They are extremely patient and helpful, and hosted multiple webinars for stakeholders who could not all attend at the same time.

    Kevin Dobbs Chesapeake Systems LTD
  • Five stars and beyond….. excellent staff, great value for their services and super easy to work with. They take the time to make sure you understand the process and I know they are always available when I have questions or we need changes in the fly.

    Sarah Peterson McMillian Construction LTD
  • The team at BTLMG is nothing short of amazing. The team sets out monthly posts for my social media and is running it like a boss! I would highly recommend this group to anyone looking to increase social media followers, posts. Thank guys!

    Robert Mills MortageAid
  • I am always pleased with the service we receive from the BTLMG team. We signed up a couple months ago and have requested assistance on several forms and training. We signed up with the premier service and have been extremely happy with the product.

    Tammy See Bright Property Mgmt.

Major Businesses and Media know…

Your online reputation is more important than ever
in winning and keeping future business.

See what is being said across the world:

  • Firms with better corporate reputations are better able to sustain superior financial performance outcomes over time. It doesn’t stop there. A good reputation, they found, also helps poor performing firms in their efforts to return to profitability.

    Fast Company Corporation Reputation
  • It does not matter if the particular business has one of the best products in the industry or even if it provides excellent services. If the company’s web image is negative it could significantly impact on sales.

    Huffington Post Negative Reputation
  • Poorly managed communications can damage a brand, and erode employee, stakeholder and customer engagement. But managing them well can lead to increased productivity and engagement.

    The Guardian Managed Reputation
  • When it comes to social media shilling, Instagram is by far the fan favorite. People branded as “influencers” posted more than 3.7 million #ads to the platform in 2018.

    Wired Social Reputation
  • Marketing data indicates that negative reviews in particular dramatically influence our buying behaviors. But research on the biases and demographics of online reviewers — and our own, often errant interpretations

    The New York Times Negative Reputation
  • Online reputation management has long been a topic of conversation and concern for business owners but TripAdvisor’s latest study shows just how quickly we’ve reached the tipping point.

    Forbes Online Reputation

Get your very own Digital Marketing Dashboard

Pull, monitor, improve and protect your brand everywhere online at all times.

• Executive Progress Reports
• Business Listings
• Advertising Intelligence
• Reputation Monitoring
• Social Reporting
• Competition Analysis
• Review Management
• Website Quality Reporting

Everything online has an effect on your person / brand / business.

The power to communicate at the touch of a button has evolved into the power to condition and influence.

Become empowered with us managing your online presence.

Start to win more business and protect your brand!

Can I have better online presence?

Yes, you can!

Discover how we can improve and protect your brand’s identity.

Discover our full range of digital marketing services

Reputation Management

Listing Builder

Social Marketing

Website Pro

Advertising Intelligence

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Marketing Automation

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Digital Advertising

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