With the advent of the Internet, everything we say or do is practically etched in stone and, in many cases, available to the public.

Now, more than ever, if you don’t control and promote your online reputation, you are letting others do it for you. How they do it and what they do, defines your interest in your personal reputation protection. At the speed the Internet moves and with the constant drive of social media, what was a joke, an incorrect statement, compromising photograph, etc… can lead to all sorts of problems.

It is virtually impossible to maintain any sense of digital privacy and control over how others see you, unless you take an active role in managing your online reputation.


Positive Content?

Truthful information that you control.

Negative Content?

Negative search results are anything disparaging about you online.

Misrepresented Content?

Content that no longer reflects your activities or interests.

Misleading Content?

Other people with the same or similar names, activities, or profession.

What we do to protect your PERSONAL REPUTATION.

Our core service is suppression reputation management, which is the process of pushing unwanted organic search results off of page one for a particular keyword or keywords.

Keywords for most clients are usually their name or their business name. In some cases, client requests to use their name + location.

Whatever your keywords are, we can clear page one of Google and fill it up with positive sites about you or your business, enhancing your personal reputation protection.

Sample keywords include:

  • Your Name: Tom Parker
  • Your Name Your City: Tom Parker Tampa
  • Your Name Your City Your State: Tom Parker Tampa FL
  • Your Business Name: Tom Parker Auto Sales
  • Your Business Name Your City: Tom Parker Auto Sales Tampa

Each keyword is a separate campaign and as such, increases your overall cost. Remember, we don’t erase content that is on the Internet and on another sites. We have no access or control over that content. We push it down for your selected keyword(s).

The cost of your reputation management campaign varies, so please contact us for a free consultation with one of our Personal Reputation Experts.

Suggestions in Google and Bing about you or your business are the first thing people see before they even get to the organic search results.

As soon as they type in your name or business, they see popular search suggestions others have typed. Google fills the suggestions in based on content on the web and search activity of users.

Sample suggestions include these and others:

Con artist; Jail; Sentencing; Arrest; Ponzi scheme; Scientology; Complaints.

Knocking out negative or unwanted search suggestions to enhance your personal reputation protection, in Google or Bing is also a separate campaign for each keyword. For low volume campaigns, we offer a flat rate price. Higher volume or localized cases take longer and require targeted search activity.

The cost of your personal reputation management campaign varies, so please contact us for a free consultation with one of our Personal Reputation Experts.

We can permanently remove false or defamatory content about you on sites like Ripoff Report, Real Scam, Complaints Board and others from Google’s index – if the author of the report is fake or using an alias. Call us to see if the negative listing about you is a candidate for removal.

How Long Does It Take to reestablish your Personal Reputation?

This is a legal process that generally takes between 30 to 90 days to complete. Content about you is not removed from the offensive site itself, but it is removed from Google’s index, which means no one will see it. This is a vital step in ensuring your personal reputation protection for years to come.

Costs vary depending on the site we remove content from. The cost of your reputation management campaign varies, so please contact us for a free consultation with one of our Personal Reputation Experts.

More about BTLMG.

We are a marketing company with decades of experience in the front lines of increasing sales opportunities. Our experience led us to form our own unique online service which we have provided to our clients since 2002.

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We will discuss your business reputation issues and provide you with complete analysis and feedback within 24 hours, of what can be done to improve your situation as quickly as possible. Contact us for a no-obligation assessment.

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