How to Identify Your Business “SWOT Analysis”

Performing SEO can be quite tricky. Sometimes a company can get overwhelmed on identifying where to start. Failing to do SEO properly may only bring small returns. Fortunately, there are methods which you can use to make your life easier. One of the most highly recommended methods by a business consultant is SWOT analysis. Read on to learn how you can prevent wasting time and energy with this technique.

What is SWOT Analysis?

This method tackles four main areas: S is for strengths, W is for weaknesses, O is for opportunities and T is for threats. This allows you to evaluate where your business stands with regards to the quality of your website.

A grid system with 4 panels, 2 columns and 2 rows is used. The upper row details the weaknesses and strengths, which are usually internal to your company. The items listed here will help you achieve your goals. The lower row outlines the threats and opportunities which are normally brought by external sources. The items listed here are considered as harmful to your company. Once this grid has been completed, you can now start conceptualizing an action plan for SEO.

Why is SWOT Analysis Beneficial?

The grid system helps you to easily identify the areas you should focus in. You are presenting details in a familiar and understandable format. Many people hate going through long documents which usually provide more questions rather than answers. This allows you to turn strengths into business opportunities and eliminate threats as much as possible.

The Right Type of Questions to Ask during SWOT Analysis

The questions below will help you go through the process. If you can’t provide an answer to a question, then this is already considered as a weakness.


  • What keywords and content currently makes your site rank well?
  • List down your company’s digital assets. What is your best asset?
  • What makes your company stand out?
  • Which content effectively drives organic traffic?


  • What are your company’s areas for improvement?
  • What do other companies do better than you, businesswise or SEO-wise?
  • What content or keyword is driving traffic poorly?
  • Is your budget enough to reach your objectives for SEO?


  • Which content with a significant impact can be created?
  • Which aspects of the site can be improved?
  • Which aspects of the site can be maximized to produce better results?
  • What type of sources has not yet been tapped?


  • In what aspects are the competitors strong and you are weak?
  • How do companies with less experience improve their SEO?
  • Is the gap between you and the other companies getting bigger?
  • Are new companies getting a bigger market share?

You can ask any business consultancy management expert around, most of them will tell you to perform SWOT Analysis first before implementing any strategy for SEO. There are several approaches you can do to achieve a particular objective. With SWOT Analysis, you will be able to make recommendations that specifically address the needs of your company.

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